Travel Outlook for 2024


here are some potential scenarios for domestic and international travel in the United States through 2024:

  1. Domestic travel: As more people get vaccinated and COVID-19 restrictions ease, domestic travel is expected to continue its recovery from the impact of the pandemic. Road trips and outdoor destinations may remain popular, as people seek to avoid crowded indoor spaces. Business travel may also see a gradual recovery, as companies resume in-person meetings and events.
  2. International travel: The recovery of international travel may be more gradual, as countries continue to navigate the pandemic and travel restrictions remain in place. However, as more countries achieve high vaccination rates and develop effective COVID-19 protocols, there is potential for a gradual increase in international travel in the coming years. The pace of recovery may also vary by region, with some countries or regions recovering faster than others.

It’s important to note that any predictions about travel patterns are subject to change based on various factors, including global health and economic conditions, government policies, and individual traveler behavior. The timeline for recovery may also vary depending on the effectiveness of vaccination campaigns and the emergence of new variants of the virus.


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